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"Are you ready for a brand-new beat?"

“The Regressions” perform songs from the 1950s to the 1980s, with special emphasis on Motown, R&B, British Invasion, Classic Rock, and Golden Oldies.  The band prides itself on its musicianship, energy, and creativity.  Songs are not just covered; they are so lovingly recreated that each one, though thoroughly familiar, sounds fresh and original.  And, they are played with an infectious danceable beat that makes sitting still impossible.

"Dancing in the street!"

“…a remarkable crew of musicians…”

“It was an absolutely magical evening…”

“Everyone who was in attendance (even the hired staff!) had nothing but wonderful things to say about the party and the band that made it so special.”

“If you couldn’t tell from the glowing faces and happy smiles of those who danced to your music, let me tell you outright: the electric energy and mystical chemistry that hummed between everyone in the band made for a night that will live in the annals of Wayland history!"