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"All we need is music, sweet music"

As far as mid-life crises go, Fred Gale’s was quite tame. After a long hiatus from the music scene, during which he devoted himself to family and medical career, Fred decided, more than a decade ago, to reassemble various elements of past rock-n-roll bands and throw himself a birthday party. Without much arm-twisting, Fred (guitar) enlisted high-school buddy Gary (vocals and sound engineer), college friend Allyn (vocals), medical-school chums Richie (bass) and Stu (keyboard), and medical colleague Bob (drums). Allyn recruited her two daughters Shana and Niambi; Bob contacted his nephew David (sax); and Richie signed up his long-time friend Mark (guitar). With the addition of five more singers, including Heather and Derek, “The Regressions” were born. Over the years, new members have come aboard, notably John and Rusty on keyboards; Marty on percussion; Richie’s daughter Anna and Gary's son Eric on vocals; Bobby, Don and Brian on horns; Ricky on a little of everything; and soundmeister extraordinaire John S.

Since 2000, “The Regressions” have played fund-raisers, college reunions, birthday and graduation parties and other events from Vermont to suburban Washington D.C., including stops at the Copley Plaza in Boston and the Hammerstein Ballroom and Columbia University in New York City. Since May 2006, The Regressions have performed annually during Boston's Project Bread’s “Walk for Hunger,” which annually attracts tens of thousands of participants and raises millions of dollars. For the past four years the band has been the event's featured entertainment, playing all day from the historic marble bandstand in the middle of Boston Common.

The Regressions are a multigenerational band of diverse backgrounds and wide interests. They are all bound together by a shared love of music and a shared respect for the time and energy needed to make that music sound right. The band boasts teachers, physicians, computer experts, college students, and even the general manager of a facility that makes dollhouses. The Regressions are a family band in every sense of the word—at one time or another, eight of the band members’ children have performed on stage with their parents and the rest of The Regressions.